Dear Hair Artist!   

Frustrated with poor quality hair that was sold to you as Russian hair?  Your frustration is over! Our company is a manufacturer and supplier of real Russian hair Hand Tied Wefts, Machine Wefts, Skin Wefts, Halo Extensions, I Tips, U Tips, V Tips, Flat Tips Pre Tipped ( pre-bonded ) Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions, Clip Ins ( Clip ons ), Loose Hair Bundles, Lace Wigs, Full Wigs, Sheitels and Toppers. All of our products are made in our own shop with real, natural ( virgin ) hair collected from Slavic ethnicity donors in Russia. No other type of hair ever landed in our shop. All of our virgin hair extensions and wigs are in its purest state, never been chemically processed or colored. Our products are simply the best! 

Russian hair - if it's real, it is truly luxurious and "baby fine" in texture. The natural textures are from straight to a deep long wave ( Body Wave ). Rarely it is curly! Because of its fine texture, the hair doesn't hold its own curl under its own weight. If you are of Caucasian ethnicity, this is the only human hair on the world market that will blend well with your own. Real Russian hair does not come in variety of colors and textures - the supply is very limited.

Real natural Russian ethnicity hair is the ONLY true European hair on the market. "Russian" means not just imported from Russia, but the hair that we source from selected Russian ethnicity donors. This is the rarest quality hair in the world and is used by very few extensions artists and wig makers. Anybody who knows anything about hair is fully aware that this is the ultimate. Hair merchants and suppliers all over the world try to find this hair but most of them fail to succeed due to the limited availability and the REAL cost. This hair is of the purest, silkiest most beautiful quality you can find. Yes, it is expensive, but wouldn't you rather have the best when it comes to your looks? It has been grown in the cold Siberian regions and has never been chemically treated. Once you install our hair extensions, wigs or toppers, you will never go back to anything else. "Other Hair" distributors/forum owners are trying to spread false information on internet that real natural Russian hair is a "myth" and a "result of great marketing spin and hype". But Ladies and Gents who wear our extensions and hair systems are laughing at the authors of those silly comments and have an "Iron - Clad" evidence that this precious hair DOES exist.

With the experience in human hair trade since late 80's, we can assure you that we know what we are doing and pride ourselves on supplying the most expensive, purest quality hair extensions, lace wigs, sheitels and toppers. You no longer have to be a frustrated Hair Artist trying different sources of hair supply, unsure of the hair products quality you will be buying.

Our hair is 100% cuticle intact with the correct cuticle direction. In order for this type of extensions to blend well with your own hair, you will have to select a texture that matches the texture of your own hair. You cannot blend Straight with Wavy, it will crawl up in a dry or very humid condition, because the cuticle of your own hair is alive and moves up and down, depending on the air temperature and weather in general, catching up with the dead extensions cuticle.

We recommend you consult with your local hair extensions specialist about the best extensions method to be used to install your Russian hair.. The decision will depend on the condition of your hair. For some, the wefts is the way to go, for others - pre-bonded extensions. It doesn't mean that one method is better than another, it simply means the method suits your own hair best.

In any case, before making any decisions on buying your hair extensions, wigs or hair systems, please make sure you read entire "Hair Info" page on this site.