Q: Do you have "Iron-Clad" Paperwork that proves that your hair is real Russian hair?
A: We have all import paperwork if that‘s what you mean. But one should keep in mind that Import Papers from Russia do not prove anything, they DO NOT prove that the hair is of superior quality. The hair from Russian ethnicity population is what we call real Russian hair. Only that hair costs thousands per kilogram to collect. The rest of the "Hair from Russia" costs pennies and you can import Moldavian, Georgian, Uzbek, Armenian or even Chinese hair from Russia with a complete set of Russian Federation Customs paperwork, but it doesn’t mean that this hair is what we call real Russian hair. Just because it’s imported from Russia means nothing. The “certificates” that the hair is truly Russian don’t exist, because the hair is collected from selected individuals on one-by-one basis. It takes an expert to collect the superior quality Russian hair and that is what Russian Hair Company® all about.
Individuals who sell their own hair do not issue “Certificates” on the spot. 

But the best proof that our hair is real natural Russian hair is the hair itself. You will not be able to confuse our hair with any other hair on the market. Once you have our extensions or wigs in your hands, all your questions about “certificates” will make you smile. Our products don’t need any “certificates” - the quality speaks for itself! If you want to make sure, just request a Sample and please take time to read entire "Hair Info" page on our website.

Q: Do you carry hair of any other origins?
A: No. We collect and work with natural (virgin) hair from selected Slavic population. The hair is selected from Russian women of Slavic ethnicity ONLY.

Q: How to take care of hair extensions and wigs you sell? What products do I use?
A: Our hair is 100% natural cuticle hair. We guarantee the correct cuticle alignment of all of our products. 
Our hair is "baby fine" in texture, soft and silky naturally. Think of it as of your own unprocessed hair. It doesn't need much. Just use regular shampoo and conditioner. Don't use any "fancy products" on our virgin hair! "Fancy products" are for over-processed industrial hair extensions to keep them moisturized and to prevent the hair from puffing and crawling up because of the partially stripped and inverted during the process cuticles. Save on "fancy products" that you must buy to treat cheap hair extensions and it will pay for long lasting natural hair itself. In fact, in the long run, because of its low maintenance, our very expensive hair happens to be way cheaper than any  "affordable" branded processed hair extensions that demand expensive maintenance products to prevent processed hair from tangling, puffing, crawling and drying up like a straw.
Never brush extensions hair or your own hair when the hair is wet. The hair is in the most fragile state naturally when it is wet - any hair.

Q: What are the prices for your products?
A: The prices for all of our products are in our Online Store.

Q: Do you have "this" available?
A: All the items that you see in our Online Store can be ordered. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something that you don't see in Online Store, perhaps we can make it for you.

Q: What is Single Drawn hair?
A: Single Drawn Hair: Single Drawn Hair is "cleaned" Original Ponytail that is cut straight from the donor. That ponytail includes many different lengths of hair naturally grown on human head. The shortest hair is hackled out of the ponytails, usually first 4”, that is why it's called "Single Drawn".

Q: What is Twice Drawn hair?
A: "Twice Drawn" hair is the hair bundle that is drawn second time for targeted hair length removal and lengths separation to make the hair evenly and proportionally distributed on the weft, hence "Twice Drawn". Nevertheless, do not confuse "Twice Drawn" hair with Double Drawn hair. Some vendors use the words "Twice Drawn" to make it sound deceptively similar to "Double Drawn". 

Q: What is Double Drawn hair?
A: Double Drawn hair is the best hair type you can get for your money. Every Loose or Pre-Tipped Hair Bundle, Weft or Hairpiece contains 100% of hair of approximately the same length. This makes this type of hair the most expensive because it takes about one kilogram of, lets say, 20” Single Drawn Original Ponytails, that includes all sorts of lengths, to have only 50-100 grams of the same final length 20” hair.  This procedure involves Dual Drawing Technique, hence "Double Drawn", and is done by hand, not by machine, which sure adds to the cost of Double Drawn hair. The longer the hair the less is available, therefore the more expensive it is.
For example: 15-16" hair bundle of Double Drawn hair is made with the hair no shorter than approximately 15-16”.

Q: Can I buy a Kilo of an item that is priced per Ounce?
A: Yes, 1 Kilo = 35.21 Ounces. Just update the quantity in your shopping cart. 

Q: Can I make an appointment to see your hair extensions?
A: Sorry. To keep the cost of already very expensive hair down we do not have retail facilities for customers visits. But you always can order our hair sample in our Online Store.

Q: I would like to have an extensions but I don’t know what to order!
A: We are a manufacturer for the needs of hair extensions industry but we do not install hair extensions. It would be wrong to give an advise via e-mail without a professional hairdresser/extensionist seeing a client in person. Please consult with your local extensionist to get a proper advise on extensions that will suit your requirements.

Q: Can you send me a color sample or can I send my color sample to you so it can be matched?
A: We do not offer hair swatches and do not work with color samples simply because natural Russian hair color choices are very limited. Most of the time it is impossible to exactly match the color of the sample to a natural color tone of an actual order. After you place your order you can always e-mail us a picture of desired color and we will do our best to match it as close as possible. If done properly, our hair can be easily colored by any professional colorist without hair quality loss.

Q: Can I send you a template for a custom made Hair System?
A: Sorry, we do not work with templates. We make Hair Systems by measurements you provide on your online order.

Q: Do you ship your products to “my country“?
A: If you are able to place your order online from “your country” we most definitely can and will ship your order to “your country”. We ship orders Worldwide.

Q: How much do you charge for US and International Shipping?
A: You will see all the totals in the Shopping Cart before you pay for anything. All packages are fully insured and shipped with FedEx Domestic or International Express Service. Signature on delivery is a must.

Q: How long does it take to get my order and what is your "Return Policy"?
A: For turnaround time and Return Policy please click on Shipping & Return Policy